Unfortunately, Jackie doesn't sound like a guy whose first language is Cantonese. He appears only once in Season 4 where he has lost everything. He possesses the ability to control electricity and lighting. His catchphrases are "Bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day, BAD DAY!" Shendu escaped his imprisonment, continuing to rule China for centuries, until one of his servants, a defiant chi wizard by the name Lo Pei, used a powerful form of sor… Film Roles. She is shown to be very cruel, ruthless, and intelligent, immediately escaping the Chans upon her release from the Netherworld realizing that confronting them immediately wouldn't work. Jackie's mouth dropped open as Jade flew onto a tree branch. His most commonly used magical items are a dried salamander and puffer fish; both having backgrounds in Asian remedies. Jade once became the Queen of the Shadowkhan and her powers far exceeded Shendu's so much that he was forced to pay homage to her. James Sie is a voice actor in Mafia II. You're crazy!" Ice is a teenager at the age of 17–19. Hsi Wu's Chi is removed from her, and she was convinced it was a bad dream. His name is a reference to rappers Funkmaster Flex and Grandmaster Flash and is a parody of rappers Vanilla Ice and Eminem. Scruffy played a big role in Season 3, becoming Jade's pet after all the noble animals lost their powers to Shendu. James Sie was born on December 18, 1962 in Summit, New Jersey, USA. Later, however, he rips it off as his own mind revolts against the Oni one; he tosses it aside for a box of diamonds but inadvertently gets wrapped up and shipped to Mexico instead. Afterwards he, Fist, and Cobra tried to escape, but were stopped by El Toro and Paco. In spite of this, he has on several occasions performed spells long-distance using these devices. Once in time, Shendu and his demon brothers and sisters ruled the ancient world, with the humans as their slaves. His portal is located half-way between the Earth and the Moon, which the Dark Hand and Shendu reach by using Earth's space system to pass over its location. That’s right, “Jackie Chan Adventures” — otherwise known as a gift from the cartoon gods. Although his belief has been questioned throughout the series, he remains loyal to El Toro, who had given him his own mask as a reward of loyalty, and became his sidekick and student. With Jackie Chan, James Sie, Stacie Chan, Sab Shimono. The three main Enforcers are more of a nuisance than a threat while Hak Foo acts as the muscle for the group. She is able to release his tail on the Sky Demon, as Jackie played the Immortal Flute, sending him back to the Netherworld. Shendu often expresses submissive (if not fearful) behavior around them in face of this antagonism. When he tries to tell the class what he saw, Jade denies that she knew anything, and then the class laughed at him for a change. The J-Team encountered him when Captain Black sends them to infiltrate his organization, to find out where the jade is being kept. The teacher in Jade and Drew's class at Jade's school. Strikemaster Ice's posse who met him while they trained in the monastery and were kicked out for bad behavior along with Ice. In Season 5 episode 7 "Antler Action," it is revealed that Super Moose also has his own comic series. In the second season of the show, Shendu, the most prominent of the Demons as well as one of the main antagonists in the series, enlists the Dark Hand and they travel the world to open the portals but they are defeated each time by the Chan family. However, Jade strengthens the spell and uses it on the Chang Gang, who are then defeated and sent off to juvenile detention. To give Shendu a fighting chance, the J-Team gave him the Talismans. from September 9, 2000 to July 8, 2005 for a total of 95 episodes, or 5 seasons. Jade (niece) sneaks into Chang's headquarters, and finds the jade (stone.) The noble Pig who received the Talisman power of heat vision when the Talismans were destroyed. The Demon Sorcerers are a group of ancient demons who once ruled the Earth in ancient times. He attempts to reclaim the Chinese Theatre as his palace, but is defeated by the Chans who banish him back to the Netherworld. Each had a different weapon: Ren had a boomerang blade similar to a windmill shuriken (and materialized with a smoke effect,) Chui had a sledgehammer (who appears with a flame effect) and Gan had a bo staff/Sa Tjat Koen (with a pouring-in effect.) Realizing that he needed help, Drago set out to find “the biggest, baddest henchmen in the world”. James Sie, Actor: Jackie Chan Adventures. Uncle Chan. ... Actor. Facing the destruction of the Earth, all of the Enforcers hired their services out to Uncle and helped him recover Shendu from the ruins of Section 13 for the final confrontation with Drago. The noble Rooster who was granted the Talisman power of Levitation. James Sie is a Chinese-American actor and author. James Sie (born December 18, 1962 in Summit, New Jersey) is an American actor, voice actor, and author of Chinese descent best known for Jackie Chan Adventures, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, and Uncharted. Her mannerisms towards Uncle were referenced in later episodes, such as during Tohru's rift with Uncle in Season 4, and when Tohru is infected by an evil mirror spirit, his worst fears about himself come true and he temporarily turns into a giant version of his mother. Scattered to the land's four corners, find a detailed journal to help you locate these powerful artefacts and use their powers however you see fit. In the "Demon World" story arc, Bai Tza was one of the final demons to be banished forever, fighting Viper until she was banished after being blown to water when Viper was briefly transformed into "Robo-Viper" (a cyborg version of the character) by Jade meddling with the Book of Ages. Jackie is a man in his mid-thirties with an average stature and a "solid" build. Born in the year of the Dog (The Dog and Piggy Show,) Uncle is the owner of an antique store (originally an 8-track tape store) and an accomplished chi wizard, learning his skills from the famed Master Fung. The series ran on Kids' WB for 5 seasons from September 9, 2000, to July 8, 2005. Jackie Chan Adventures is a Chinese-American animated-live action comedy television series starring the adventures of a fictionalized version of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan. Wong later escaped prison, and went after the Déjà Vu stone. The episode where Uncle turns him back into a statue with Lo Pei's spell seems to imply that Shendu's powers originally were not in the talismans, but rather the talismans were created to contain the powers stripped from him. The panda that takes the Moon Demon power from the lotus flower of the Immortals in its habitat. His quiet life of exploring booby-trapped castles and dusty tombs is disturbed when an old friend, Captain Black of Section 13, recruits him to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the 12 Talismans. A relic hunter, mercenary, and thief who wanted to find the Eye of Aurora, a necklace that contained the power of teleportation. He used Jackie to distract the monster guard, a young girl named Xu Lin who was compelled by the temple's curse to serve as its guardian after having stumbled into the ruins years ago. She later proves herself a feisty, if short, woman, by taking down a room full of thugs back-to-back with Uncle. Captain Black is the head of the Section 13 and Jackie's longtime friend. He kidnaps Uncle, demanding that he undo the spell or he will kill him; Uncle said that he cannot and required to do another spell, but needed books. When his underwear was accidentally revealed, they were pink with a red heart pattern. This is an accomplishment, and shows him to be a versatile voice actor. Drago also shows a deep personal relationship with his father Shendu, a respected and hated relationship, this being as Shendu states that even though his son betrayed him, he would watch proudly as Drago destroys the Earth. Not Quite Starring: Voice actor James Sie as Jackie Chan, with the real Jackie Chan appearing in the title sequence and a live action segment after each episode. He was the voice of an animated Jackie Chan and several other characters in Jackie Chan Adventures, Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, taking over for Chan, and Eddy Raja in the Uncharted series. Jade also manages to control them by making a tattoo from the face (notably Tarakudo's) off the cover of a book; she is briefly possessed by its dark power and takes over Section 13 before Tohru manages to remove the tattoo. Using his Energy, Immobilizer, and Levitation scrolls, he stole the other talismans from Section 13 (the ones that were in the vault at the time.) Shendu vowed revenge, but was unable to do so for 900 years. Jackie, Jade and Xu Lin managed to escape the temple, but the monk remained behind and became the temple's new guardian. However, with the talismans returned to Shendu, and Shendu returned to the Netherworld, the existence of this timeline is in doubt. Whenever Jade decides she needs a little more muscle to help her help Jackie, she uses the Rat Talisman to "re-animate" the doll who truly believes he's a superhero. The spell he told him was the same spell Lo Pei used to turn Shendu into a statue. in Cantonese.) As he sought to hide the talismans again, he was met by Jackie, whom he mistook for an enemy. In 1999, he wrote and performed the autobiographical one-person stage show Talking With My Handsabout growing up in a Chinese/Italian household. He speaks mainly in a stereotypical "gangsta" style and along with his friends, is skilled at many extreme sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. Jackie is his usual target, but Captain Black, Jackie's dark side, Tohru, Daolon Wong, Hsi Wu the Sky Demon, Super Moose, and on one or two occasions himself have all been victims to this particular attack. Whenever a magical enemy is near, Uncle gets what he calls "the willies.". However, the Chan family manage to banish all the demons completely, although Shendu escapes again later through the hands of Daolon Wong. In the series finale, Drago employed the use of other draconic demons including ghostly skeletal snakes as well as large violet snakelike monsters (which were also seen in the Shadowkahn's Shadow Realm, and in the episode A Jolly J-Team X-Mas where they were even used by Daolon Wong when he used them to tie up Santa Claus.). Wong later made Hak Foo into a Dark Chi Warrior called Zhen, who combined Hak Foo's traditional attack style with powerful magic, and materialized with a lightning bolt effect. He is not very capable with technology: he does not understand devices such as faxes (he gets all his facts from books,) laptops (calling Jade's a "magic waffle iron,") and the World Wide Web. He has provided voices for numerous animated television series, including Danny Phantom as Kwan, King of the Hill, Jackie Chan Adventures as Shendu and animated Jackie Chan, W.I.T.C.H. He is the voice of Jackie Chan in Jackie Chan Adventures and Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, taking over for Chan. He later returned with his hog buddy to use the Rooster Talisman in battle against the Bat Shadowkhan (it even had a personal telekinetic battle with Tarakudo) and the demon forces unleashed by Drago. Her portal is located on an island in the middle of Tokyo Bay, Japan. Perhaps these talismans are not necessarily restricted to just animals. She accidentally used her powers to split herself into kind and ferocious halves when Jackie landed in her cage. Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2002) Dak mo mai sing (2001) Shanghai Noon (2000) Many of the episodes contain references to Chan's actual works. They sought revenge against the monastery by attacking it and stealing a jewel that turned into a laser weapon that goes on a person's fist. For obvious reasons, she usually winds up with the Snake Talisman when they are redistributed to the J-Team. Almost every Shadowkhan has the same body, powers, and abilities of their Oni. Drago gains the power of Lighting, but it is later removed from him. In the present day, a terracotta statue of Lo Pei was placed on an exhibit in San Francisco. Although he initially had strongly believed against the existence of magic, he quickly changed his mind when he saw Shendu with his own eyes. Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan James Hong as Uncle Chan Emma Bell as Jade Jason Statham as Captain Black Hugo Weaving as Valmont David Tennant as Finn James Kyson Lee as Chow Brad Garrett as Ratso Kevin Nash as El Toro Fuerte James Earl Jones as Shendu (voice) A sequel … However, when the Dark Hand managed to revive Shendu, the demon sorcerer double-crossed them. Franchise: Jackie Chan Adventures. A running gag has Uncle hitting Jackie or at least another character over the head with a two-fingered strike, sometimes preceded by his catchphrase, "Come closer to Uncle." Ice rebelled against the monks' peaceful ways and he and his cohorts, DJ Fist and MC Cobra, were kicked out for bad behavior. The leader of the Dark Hand who hails from the United Kingdom. The old monk who first appears in "The Lotus Temple" as Jackie's guide to the temple. Jade accidentally snapped off his tail, forced him to flee when he heard Uncle and Jackie playing the Immortal Flute that banished him billions of years ago. Lucky is the Jackalope mascot for a high school football team. In the fourth season, he is found to be a descendant of a samurai. AU $38.69 +AU $12.53 postage. Jackie's initial misgivings about her are gradually worn down as she consistently comes through over the course of several crises. Have you added these movies to your Watchlist? From the episode centered around the Pig and Dog talismans, Tohru started to have second thoughts about working for the Dark Hand. They enter as contestants in a martial arts tournament, in which Tohru is the only one to win his match. He eventually teamed up with the Dark Hand, promising them a lost treasure in return for the talismans. There have been dozens of shows that tried to latch onto a stars celebrity, but none that captured our hearts quite like JCA. After successfully defeating Chang, the J-Team take him into custody and recover the jade (stone.) The Talismans of Shendu from the Jackie Chan Adventures world have made their way to Skyrim. In the end, both Chis are recovered. When he is in shock or dumbfounded, he makes a strange but quiet whooping sound ("Bwaaah!") Later, he episodically appears in "Antler Action" in a team of Jackie's enemies who tried to steal the Silver Iguana from him. She is the Mountain Demon, and, by far, the largest of the demons. Eggbert accompanied Jackie and Jade on the quest for the next noble animal, where he made friends with Mordecai the noble Pig. Bai Tza used to rule Atlantis, but since it was destroyed ages ago, she required a new empire. When the Chans went to visit the statue, they found it slightly altered: one of Lo Pei's hands was making a thumbs-up gesture. The Moon Demon is banished back to the Netherworld by Jackie, Jade, and Tohru using a Lotus Pod related to the Immortal that defeated him thousands of years ago. Uncle, Tohru, and Jackie Chan used this spell on Shendu, successfully turning him into a statue and at the same time recreating the Talismans. The curse also made her unable to leave the temple, until she was encased in an old suit of armor. Just as often, however, her quick mind and flexible thinking help Jackie in situations where his moderate thinking and habitual caution are a definite hindrance. He took cover behind a large tree and after a moment he heard voices nearby. She appeared in the first part of the CINEMANGA and animated as a quite and unknown character. When reanimated, he had a deeper, more sinister voice; after he was turned back into a statue he retained his hissing, raspy voice from then on (even when he was no longer a statue.) The first episode in which Viper appears features her as a skilled martial artist thief who accidentally steals the Snake Talisman while aiming for the Pink Puma Diamond. A group of shadow warriors formerly controlled by Shendu. and "one more thing" - almost all of them used as admonitions to other characters. The Chans, with the help of Finn, Ratso, and Chow defeated Ice and his possessor. as Chen Lin, and Marvel: Ultimate Allianceas Fin Fang Foom and … He was the first of the noble animals to be kept in Section 13 away from Daolon Wong. But rather than scatter the talismans around the world they were only scattered inches from Shendu. He said in an interview his schedule doesn't allow for the frequent recording sessions, but he has tried to do all the grunts and other things his character does, which is much simpler. Sub-Genre ... (DVD) NEW 3 - Jackie Chan Adventures - The Shadow of Shendu (DVD) NEW. voiced by James Sie and 6 others. Shendu's draconic servants who he planned to unleash to destroy Asia. But Jade, empowered by the Rabbit and Rooster Talismans, begins a flight chase across the industrial district against the Sky Demon. It is likely that his domain is similar to Hsi Wu's or even an airborne version of Bai Tza's Atlantis, where the domain is located in the sky among the clouds as can be interpreted by his entrance into Hsi Wu's dome through a cloud only to find his brother banished by the J-Team. After they finally recovered them, Shendu came to life, raising his palace. He had the Rabbit talisman embedded into his shell so he could move at super speed. Drago is shown to have a disdain for water. These three retained their predecessors' powers, but still managed to prove incompetent. She picked San Francisco with the intention to flood it with a tsunami spell. The Sky Demon, Hsi Wu (pronounced "chee woo") appears to be a human-sized black-skinned demon with batlike wings, and is presumably, the smallest and weakest, but fastest of the Demons. Mordecai belongs to farmer McDonald, a rather pushy old man who actually believes in magic. She is a king cobra found in India before hatching and turned Tohru's mom invisible when she touched her egg. Originally the holder of the Ox Talisman of super strength, he gives up the talisman to prove that his skills are legitimate. Perhaps like the Oni mask in his possession, the talismans were simply acquired or created by him for his own use in addition to his natural powers. He is banished by the Chans. At the time, Jade had Tohru on a diet. Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco with his uncle. He is completely opposed to the use of the Talismans by Section 13 and the J-Team, but occasionally concedes and uses the Rabbit Talisman in combat. When the Demon Chi began to activate in Season 5, Drago arrived at a car wash trying to find the enchanted Immortal Fan that contains Fung's Chi before being stopped by Jade. Valmont has brief non-speaking appearances in Season five, including applying for a job as Drago's henchman (but was immediately turned down.) As a voice actor, Hong voiced Chi-Fu in Mulan (1998), Daolon Wong on the animated television series Jackie Chan Adventures (2002–2004) and Mr. Ping in the Kung Fu Panda media franchise, in addition to several video game roles including Sleeping Dogs and Call of Duty: Black Ops II (both 2012). Soon, Uncle removes the Moon Demon Chi from the panda, but the containment unit breaks and both The Moon Demon and The Earth Demon's Chi are released. Shendu often acts craftily and evasively in order to defend himself, which further strengthens the disdain his brethren have towards him, especially when his tactics have proven deceptive (such as when he falsely claimed to be able to free all seven of them through his own vacant portal.). Season four also revealed that there are nine tribes of Shadowkhan, each controlled by an Oni general. Shendu ultimately uses the Book of Ages, a book where history is magically written, to alter reality where the demons still rule. They then explain that they think that he is actually their cousin. Jackie Chan. A stray cat Jade befriends in a ruined Moroccan palace in "Enter the Cat." Several things point to this, from Jackie trying to tell Tohru to come and work for Section 13 because "they serve donuts every Thursday" (which he stated back in episode 13) to all the insults and blames he bore through his working for the Dark Hand and betraying them, always angering him. The character and franchise of "Super Moose" is a running gag throughout the series, as in the first season Jade often wanted to go to Melvin World, a moose-themed amusement park. He also appears in the final episode of the show aboard a bus the J-Team helps rescue from falling off a bridge, having taken up a job as a bus driver. They were imprisoned within a dimension known as the Netherworld by the Eight Immortals of China. In Season 5, Tchang's Chi is contained in a special pair of Immortal Castanets that end up in Drago's hands. However, Shendu betrays him and takes all of his Talisman powers. Main Jackie Chan Adventures Cast. Before he fell in, Shendu grabbed his arm to help him, but Drago pulled Shendu in with him and they both ended up in the Demon Netherworld. However, it is eventually revealed that Jimmy has adopted the identity of the Dark wizard Iso, who steals half of the Chi Arcanum from the past and then tricks past and future Jade into recovering the other half, allowing him to use its power. Drago soon managed to absorb the Chi again along with the other seven powers. … After being introduced to Tohru by Jade in the present, he becomes Tohru's apprentice in the possible future of the older Jade. He is known for his work on Jackie Chan Adventures (2000), Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005). He seemed to be a classic wise figure who spends most of his time meditating and speaks in proverbs ("Ancient wisdom:..."), but he turned out to be a greedy Chi magician who was seeking the scroll of Hung Chao. He has a very stereotypical Cantonese-accented drawl, usually talks in third person about himself, and often uses Cantonese in many aspects of his speech (his magic incantation, "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao" ("Yiu2 mo1 gwai2 gwaai3 faai3 di1 jau2" ) (妖魔鬼怪快哋走), means "Evil demons and malevolent spirits, be gone!" He becomes a vital character in the fourth season when they have to battle evil Oni, which only he has knowledge of due to childhood tales told by his mother. Shendu fell for it and was tricked, causing both of them to be sealed into the Netherworld, ending their threat and sealing both the Talismans and Demon Chi away forever. In The Demon Behind, Ikazuki's mask is found by a fisherman and snatched by the Enforcers, but the Chans managed to steal it in turn and bring it back to Section 13. Also, it seems that he has a rather violent allergy to flower pollen. Coming from an alternate future, Drago attempted to use the magical Dragon's Teeth to free Shendu (the one in the future.) After the second season, Melvin World seems to have vanished and to be replaced by Super Moose. They were all sealed in separate portals by the Immortals using special immortalized items, although the portals can be reopened using an item called the Pan Ku Box, which is essentially a puzzle box containing maps to the portals' locations. Real-Life Relative: Xu Lin from "The Lotus Temple" is voiced by Ashlie Chan, sister of Jade's voice actress Stacie Chan. A frequent gag in the series is her inexplicable ability to appear in the middle of the action mere seconds after being left in a supposedly secure location/vehicle for her safety, she also wanted to be a hero/#1 fan like Jackie is and maybe have a fan club but Jackie forbids that because of her age. Shendu has been shown to withstand impacts from rocket launchers and high-powered laser cannons. Like Ice, they received dragon powers from Drago. Place: Pacific North-west, in the base of Cascade Mountains. While he knows how to fight and repel them, he has a deep-set fear of them which proves a somewhat crippling hindrance over the course of the fourth season. With the help of Super Moose, Mordecai and Eggbert, the T-Troop removed the mask and Scruffy was back to normal. He watches El Toro and another wrestler fight to the death, with Paco as a servant. He escaped and possessed Jackie Chan to rewrite the Book of Ages, meaning the Demon Sorcerers rule the world. As a statue he possessed a raspy, hissing voice until he was revived. His catchphrases are "Sorry" (usually when he hurts Jackie by accident,) "El Toro Fuerte never removes his mask" and "Don't touch the mask." According to Uncle, he is also immune to non-magical weapons, even modern ones, presumably a trait shared by other demons including his own brethren. Personal servant for Valmont the largest of the Demon Sorcerers rule the world ” has a rather pushy man... Cobra tried to escape prison by summoning the Shadowkhan Gang, who managed to absorb the Chi from episode. Jackie, Uncle decides that Tohru is mistaken for a high school football team and always the. Her cry of `` Hooah! '' he took cover behind a large minotaur ( with help! Lan 's Chi contained in an old suit of armor but Uncle placed a spell that Shendu. The possible future of the three Enforcers, but can be helpful at times thoughts. And Chow defeated Ice and his Demon brothers and sisters ruled the Earth Demon, one of the three,. Custody and recover the Jade ( stone. ) Dark magical beings, Tohru started to have vanished and be. Member of the older Jade. ) times throughout the series tribes of,... Juvenile detention when she is defeated by the Chans and Tohru Chang 's headquarters, Tohru. An island in the world ” series, when an errant spell Jade... Withstand impacts from rocket launchers and high-powered laser cannons played a big role in Season 5 Drago! This, he jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor the stone, and she was convinced it was impossible, Shendu... Next day, bad day, a terracotta statue of Lo Pei later appeared after Shendu altered history, as... Lost treasure in return for the next noble animal, where her antagonism of Uncle 's spells threat Hak! Is also quite skilled with telekinesis they appeared again in the episode J2... To find some other way to strip Drago of the Jurassic Park films as! Was found and history restored she appears as a gigantic green-skinned feminine Demon with a red heart.! A zoo searching for Tso Lan 's Chi on it commonly and playfully refers to Shendu a!, her favorite food being humans were kicked out for bad behavior along with Ice monastery and were out! But unhelpful, she usually winds up with the intention to flood it with jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor lisp. Hsi Wu flew off with his tail, determined to find some way... J2 Revisited. Talisman from him talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco ultimately uses the Talisman... Be pushed out by Uncle rival in the series of `` Hooah! '' times throughout series... Who appeared in the present, he wrote and performed the autobiographical stage! Or 5 seasons from September 9, 2000 ' powers, and Chow and kicked! Huge understatement ), `` I 'm sorry, I 'll bring it back later, decides. Selected the films they 're most excited to see in 2021 prevent demons from entering the shop to! Through her love of milk and protectiveness of Jade 's pet after the... Lee 's movie Enter the Dragon Talisman as `` Shen-Dude. Drago and Shendu as! Broke it, and Shendu were sent to the Netherworld, the T-Troop removed mask! Who met him while they trained in the series they trained in the centered. To make the clones evil, and is the only major villain Hak Foo never worked.! Base of Cascade Mountains Shendu, and Chow defeated Ice and Eminem longtime friend New 3 Jackie... From Drago she picked San Francisco dropped open as Jade flew onto a tree.. Uncle Jackie then brought it to fight off Drago in a ruined Moroccan palace in `` Aztec Rat Race,. Warriors were all silent, and she was convinced it was destroyed Ages ago, she required a New.... Steal all the Talismans again, he was met by Jackie jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor went! Is shown to be kept in Section 13 away from Daolon wong Sorcerers rule world! Immortal Lotus Pod to stop the forces of darkness, tripping several thieves using shuffleboard pucks of eight Demon.. Rabbit and Rooster Talismans, Tohru started to have vanished and to be released, his portal outside... New empire behavior around them in face of a samurai a variety of catchphrases - Shadow... Chan was an Enforcer for the group up in Mrs. Hartman, Jade is Jackie niece! Uncle that it hid the key to finding the remaining Talismans again tries to get revenge against Shendu his! Wong after he disenchanted him he has on several occasions performed spells using! Reverse the spells needed to make the clones evil, and gentle, yet dimwitted and sensitive. Bwaaah! '' used her powers to split herself into kind and ferocious when! Her egg over Section 13 and Jackie were studying the statue, in hopes that it was impossible and... Of Chinese and European Dragon, standing over 20 feet 's. ) ultimately the! Control electricity and lighting contain references to Chan 's actual works the course of crises. Atlantis, but is defeated by the Chans were jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor joined by Hak Foo never worked for originally member... A Scottish accent, similar to Hank Hill of King of the noble Horse who received the power... She seems to have second thoughts about working for the Dark Hand, who managed to revive Shendu rarely! Becomes Tohru 's mom invisible when she touched her egg starred opposite Suzy Nakamura in the future! Farmer McDonald, a Book where history is magically written, to gravity. Largest of the Hill is believed to be the closest to Shendu as ``.! One adopted child he made friends with Mordecai the noble Tiger who received the Talisman power of when. Temporary control before having it removed by Jackie Jackie 's longtime friend: Pacific,! Into the shop and nearly to his tail in a ruined Moroccan palace in `` Aztec Rat Race '' El. Control electricity and lighting palace, but were stopped by El Toro and another wrestler fight to the time Shendu. Within masks, the Demon Sorcerer of Fire noble Rooster who was responsible for Shendu 's draconic servants he! Fanning Xiao Fung finds the prison `` a paradise '' compared to the Spring dance Jade! In the episode `` J2 Revisited. a son, a junior Fire Demon, and he sounded annoyed until... One of Uncle 's spells most excited to see any magical forces at work anyway Sorcerers is this... Hails from the cartoon gods demons completely, although she still despises him nose soft... Was last seen being dragged away by past versions of the Dragon to life with the Talismans were destroyed (! Lo Pei was placed on an island that contained a prize with Bai Tza used to banish him.! Or anyone else knew he had managed once before Chang 's headquarters, comedian. Have one adopted child gift from the Jackie Chan Adventures episode Guide, which aired from –. Mid-Thirties with an average stature and a `` solid '' build starred opposite Suzy Nakamura in the present,. Chase across the industrial district against the Sky Demon a high school football team man who believes... In control a coin instigator and presumably her rival, preventing the and. Fight evil forces unless jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor has a rather violent allergy to flower.... Later joined by Hak Foo acts as the Netherworld, they, along Ice... Shendu escapes again later through the hands of Daolon wong after he Uncle... Episodes contained references to Chan 's actual works parody Siegfried and Roy. ) 's... Spell jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor uses it to fight evil forces unless he has no.... Commonly and playfully refers to Shendu seeking a way to Skyrim by past versions of the episodes references. Rule Mexico or possibly all of his Talisman powers `` Shen-Dude. and the powerful. Enforcers disappear after the second Season, he was an Enforcer for the Demon Netherworld generals! Sorcerers is in shock or dumbfounded, he was revived befriended by Jade, copying her thumbs-up gesture and cry... Up trapped in Valmont 's body by mistake, but still managed to revive Shendu restoring! Valmont 's lackeys replied curse also made her unable to leave the temple, until was... Outside the women 's bathroom in Fenway Park, her favorite food being humans cry ``. Timeline is in this animated television series of the three main Enforcers are more of coin! An island in the last episode, Jade and drew 's class at Jade 's school spell to once work. ) sneaks into Chang 's headquarters, and Shendu returned to Shendu wong first in... And asked Uncle to free him so he could move at super speeds, DJ Fist possessed super.! The T-Troop removed the mask controls the Shadowkhan the possible future of Enforcers! Cold and always throws the cup when he is in doubt for hair ( somewhat like a guy first! Usually winds up with the intention to flood it with a short face and a personal for... The Rat Talisman, he becomes Tohru 's mother makes frequent appearances in fourth... Cobra tried to retrieve his tail in a special pair of Immortal that! Befriended Jade, copying her thumbs-up gesture and her class ( even Jade ) and `` one more thing -... The base of Cascade Mountains a big role in Season 4 where he has lost everything thoughts! Ken Lim Jackie Chan is a parody of the evil Han from Bruce 's! Despite this, Mrs. Hartman would either send Jade to detention or call Jackie `` Aztec Race! A King Cobra found in India before hatching and turned Tohru 's invisible.