Honeyduke’s Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Candy Set. You will find familiar faces such as Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange. The backpack is officially licensed Harry Potter gear. This poster perfectly recreates the Wanted poster that was posted all over the Harry Potter world in search of Sirius Black. This would be a great gift for anyone in school, or anyone who likes to carry backpacks instead of purses (or diaper bags!) Best of all it is officially licensed Harry Potter wear, so you know it is legit! Arm yourself with “I can tell you didn’t get an O.W.L. Do not try riding this unless you are very small also. Draco Malfoy’s wand is 10″ long, constructed of hawthorn wood and has a unicorn hair core. Whenever they use the mug, they will think of you! For example, “Is a know-it-all giving you trouble? These leggings are digitally printed with an all-over pattern of the “Most Wanted Wall” from the Ministry of Magic. Harry Potter had fond memories of spending Christmas at Hogwarts, since he never had any fun with the Dursleys. The onesie is 100% cotton in a black color with golden text. Draco Malfoy’s wand is 10″ long, constructed of hawthorn wood and has a unicorn hair core. This necklace is silver plated and comes in an official Olivander’s box. For more wands, Click here to shop the Noble Collection. Browse more here. Want to see Harry Potter tanks? This coloring book features illustrations of all your favorite Hogwarts scenes and characters including Dobby the house elf, Hippogriffs, owls, the Forbidden Forest, the Sorting Ceremony, Quidditch World Cup, Triwizard Cup, Hogwarts castle and much more. A treat for a cold in the winter and hay-fever in the summer – is it us, or did the Dursleys get softer in their old age? If this watch isn’t quite his or her style, you can browse more Harry Potter watches here. They can be worn either as shoes or as house slippers. They are constructed of plastic and vinyl for durability, and are an officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise. The case is made out of durable and soft leather, and the decoration is printed on the front using a heat transfer process. Trivial Pursuit is a well known and super fun game that is a nice gift for kids and adults alike. You probably won’t be able to find any of those ingredients any time soon, but this flask will work just as well for your favorite liquor! Harry Potter Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy The fun inside the world of Harry Potter and his friends doesn’t have to stop at bedtime. From wand stands to handbags and everything in-between, treat the Slytherin Potterhead in your life to one (or all) of these magical Slytherin gifts. If the person you are shopping for is more of an alchemist or cooking enthusiast, you can also get an Advanced Potion Making case for them. Browse all Harry Potter cases here. This spinoff movie is based on the classic Hogwarts textbook, and features an Americn story line instead of British. This set comes with 11 miniature wand charms and one chain to hang them on. this is a great gift for any secret-agent-in-training and will teach them how to gain secrets, break codes, read motives and tons of new insights into the series. These trunks have each been crafted to resemble those used by Hogwarts students for travel on the Hogwarts Express and are perfect to … If you want to see more genuine Harry Potter jewelry, browse more here. Morphing mugs are a fun way for muggles like us to bring a bit of magic into our lives. The kit is made up of 6,020 pieces, including four Harry Potter figures, dementors, Arogog and even the car-crushing Whomping Willow. The Invisibility Cloak – James Potter The charms feature the Warner Brothers logo to let you know that this is a legit and official piece of Harry Potter merchandise. If you want to browse more Harry Potter umbrellas, click here to see more. There's Christmas, obviously, but there's also: Harry's birthday, Dumbledore's birthday, Halloween, the … Recipes include treacle tart (Harry’s favorite dessert), Molly Weasley’s famous meat pies, Kreacher the elf’s French onion soup, and pumpkin pasties from the Hogwarts Express treats cart. It is made of elder wood and is 15″ long. From 5 Little Monsters. For more fan art featuring the Hogwarts castle, click here to browse. For more Harry Potter wearable collectible gifts, click here. The shoes are Toms style and are a cute and fun accessory for any Potter fan. Browse even more Honeydukes candies here. If you want to see more shoes, you can browse Harry Potter footwear here. This Hogwarts crest shirt is a super classy gift for male Harry Potter fans. In The Order of the Phoenix, Hermione’s Time Turner played such an important role in the fate of the characters that it almost feels like it is a character of its own. You can also get many other Harry Potter characters including Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Professor Umbridge and more. Provide hours of entertainment this winter with the Harry Potter Coloring book. Browse Harry Potter flasks here. When opened, the diary offers such phrases as ‘Do it today, or later you'll pay!’ How fun. SHOP NOW. When Harry enters Ollivander’s shop and is chosen by his wand, we get to experience the magic for ourselves as well. If you don’t know much about Harry Potter yourself, don’t worry, the Harry Potter nerd in your life will love a guaranteed win ;). For someone who does not love jewelry, a watch may be the perfect gift. From shop NARINTORN. He might not have had the trademark flaming red hair, but Molly always made him feel like part of the clan with a token woolly jumper. Well you're in luck, because here they come. The pocket also has a small hole in it to feed ear buds or headphones through. The shirt is made of a soft cotton/poly blend so it will be especially comfortable. Harry became an honorary member of the Weasleys. Approach with extreme cuation! Browse more here. It is the way he directs his power and most wizards cannot do a speck of magic without their wand. All packed in a personalized box and complete with their very own Hogwarts letter, it comes with a pin, Dobby socks, a Platform 9 3/4 gold ticket, and the Marauders Map. These leggings from Hot Topic are a dark color and take a minute before you probably will realize what you are looking at. In fact, it may take most people a minute to even realize that they are actually looking at a Harry Potter themed dress! It is super easy to install, and will not leave adhesive on the window when it is removed. Want to see more Hogwarts drinking accessories? 101 Harry Potter Gifts Any Potterhead Would Love, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Potter fans will all appreciate this classic hoodie with the Hogwarts emblem blazed across the front. This funny mug reads “If you don’t get my Harry Potter references, there is something Siriusly Ron with you” This is a super funny gift that only a true Potter fan will understand! SHOP NOW. Want more collectibles? Harry Potter’s wand is the first wand we are introduced to in detail in the books. Dog biscuits – Aunt Marge This book is the original screenplay for the film and will be welcome on any PotterHead’s bookshelf. The set includes one Quaffle, two Bludgers, one Snitch and a collectible poster measuring 16″x24″. In the books, the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is a series of toilet networks that are accessible only from a set of public toilets in Whitehall, London. Some of the options include “Peach or Barf?” and “Lime or Lawn Clippings?” So you know you are sure to have fun! And we know Harry couldn’t have done it without his best friends Ron Weasley™ and Hermione Granger™. Little did she know, most house elves would be deeply offended if their masters gave them a piece of clothing. This is a wallet style case, with a flap cover designed to look like a Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook. Click here to see more Hogwarts wall hangings. It is made out of braided leather and high quality Potter-themed charms such as the Deathly Hallows, golden snitch and owls. You know, wrackspurts, those invisible creatures that float through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy? Browse more here. This is a seriously cool case that any Potter fan will love! The wand’s allegience changed over to Harry, who used it for the remainder of the Second Wizarding War. This slim case has a very low profile and won’t look or feel bulky in hands, pocket or purse. Because wallets that don’t try to attack you whenever you put money in them are so passé. To see more Harry Potter themed tees, browse more Harry Potter shirts here. Give the gift of camouflage with this Polyjuice potion flask that features the recipe to the famous potion that helped conceal Harry, Ron and Hermione’s appearance when they needed to be sneaky in the books. Harry Potter Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans & Chocolate Crispy Frog (Bundle of 3 Items) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,482. The pendant measures 3.5×2.9cm/1.38×1.14inch and the alloy chain measures 60cm/23.6in. This bracelet set is color coordinated to match each Hogwarts house in red, blue, yellow and green. Here is another exclusive item from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida. Butterbeer was sold either cold in bottles, or cold and foaming in tankards. To be fair, toothpicks are pretty useful. Artefact boxes contain special items correspoding to each character. Here is another great adult gift for grown up Harry Potter Fans. Want to taste more Harry Potter drinks? iPhone cases make good gifts because they are practical but also stylish. It is thought to have a dragon heartstring core based on Black family history, and is also thought to be 10.25″ and made of cypress or pine, although these are not verified in the books. From sleek wands and quidditch broomsticks to an invisibility cloak or the ever-evasive golden snitch, the series is packed with them. Hello! The characters drink it at the Three Broomsticks and other locations in the wizarding world. If you are shopping for a Harry Potter themed party, a Hogwarts cake is the perfect centerpiece for the snack table. Give your loved one this funny shirt and she will be free to express her most heartfelt concerns for elvish well being! Browse more Quidditch themed T-Shirts here. These make a fun gag gift or a nice present for anyone who loves the quirky Lovegoods!For more Luna Lovegood collectibles, click here. The pendant is 1×1 inch, and the chain is 31.5″. Adult coloring books are popular these days because they provide stress relief, which is much needed especially around holiday season! The fit is meant to be loose so check the sizing chart to make sure you order the right fit. If you want more options, browse all Harry Potter mugs here. Browse charm bracelets here. Browse more here. As a nod to this reference, a chess set with a Potter theme is an awesome gift for any fan. It comes with three Harry Potter themed charms (you can choose yoru house affiliation) and you can add more charms on any time you want. For more Harry Potter car window decal options, click here to browse. But these were from renowned sock-lover Dobby the house-elf, which wasn’t the least bit odd. Browse more here. Want to see more Harry Potter wall decorations? This is a high quality sign made of solid wood and metal hooks. The wands of Harry Potter characters are all very unique. Funko Pop toys are a popular line of pop culture licensed collectibles. To see more colorful paintings from Saggitarius Gallery, click here. Reviewers mentioned that the charms are “heavy duty” and not super small, which is to be expected on a charm bracelet. This is even more true with the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them series that is now out on film. Click here to see more map and geography related Harry Potter and Hogwarts posters. Want to see Harry Potter Hoodies? Nevil Longbottom received one as a gift from his Gran, and of course it turned red right away. The reward on Harry’s head was a massive 10,000 galleons – luckile he had his friends and supporters to protect him! “Hapiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, it one only remembers to turn on the light.” This colorfu print from is a reminder to turn on the light in our own lives and find our true happiness. For Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts-themed gifts are a great choice for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion. The Noble Collection is a manfacturer of high quality movie and pop culture replicas. This necklace is very inexpensive, yet it has a lot of style and a timeless appeal. The flavors are random and each box might not have every single flavor. In the Harry Potter world, Honeydukes is a famous sweets shop that is well known for their chocolare and their huge variety of wild and wonderful sweets. There are 20 flavors total – Pepper, Blueberry, Booger, Candy floss, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earthworm, Earwax, Grass, Green Apple, Marshmallow, Rotten Egg, Sausage, Lemon, Soap, Tutti-Fruitti, Vomit, and Watermelon. Click here for more Harry Potter iPhone 6 cases. This is an official Warner Brothers product, with the WB copyright logo on the back. ‘Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland’ – Hermione The hoodie is made of an extra soft, heavyweight cotton/poly blend with a kangaroo pouch pocket sewn in. This temporary tattoo comes in a pack of five, so you can give it as a gift to one person or as a group gift. There are 40152 harry potter gifts for sale on Etsy, and they cost £9.93 on average. A hand-painted portrait of Harry – Dobby Click here for more Straight Outta Azkaban shirts. Starting in the third movie, the director made a specific point to have each wand shaped and decorated in a way that not only matched their description inthe book, but matched our collective vision of what woudl match that character’s personality and potential. They sent him a 50-pence piece – a gift that says: ‘We paid more for postage and packaging than the actual gift.’. Browse more here. If you are interested in the background of the Harry Potter films, click here to browse more books on the movies. This book has it all, from exclusive interviews with main actors to anecdotes from the set, and tons of original phtographs and concept illustrations. Harry Potter Gifts Felix Felicis Necklace Liquid Luck Harry Potter Potion Necklace Personalized Gifts for Good Luck Christmas Lucky Potion NARINTORN. This would be an especially sweet gift for a younger child who is just starting their literary journey, or for someone who loves the movies but has not read the books yet. Dobby, who is pictured on the shirt, was a rare exception! If you love this bib and want to see more Harry Potter themed options, browse more here. Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, Jewellery Christmas Countdown Advent Calendars For Girls With 24 Surprises Including Charm Bracelet, Necklace And 22 Charms, Official Gifts … Harry’s wand ends up being extremely powerful, although he did not know it at the time, as he was able to duel Voldemort himself and perform some very advanced magic with it throughout the books. If you are shopping for a gift for a Potter fan who loves to travel, you can combine both interests together with these luggage tags. Okay, so this wasn't a present, per se... A toothpick – The Dursleys For more wands, Click here to shop the Noble Collection. Molly was always on hand with the best festive sweets & treats. Click here if you want to see more styles of Harry Potte backpacks . In a pivotal scene in the first book and movie, Harry, Ron and Hermione must defeat a life sied chess board in order to reach Voldemort. The ingredients include stewed lacewing flies, leeches, powdered bicorn, knotgrass, fluxweed picked at the full oon, shredded boomslang skin and a but of whoever you want to turn into. Every time you drive down the street, you see people with window decals representing their alma mater. Although the details are fuzzy, Sirius is a definite hero in the series and his wand would be a treasured gift. The best part is that you can purchase all of this Harry Potter merchandise for your Potter-head online. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set A nice chess set is a classic Christmas gift and this one is sure to delight your teens who love Harry Potter. It is no wonder that Harry Potter themed scarves have popped up on the market! Otherwise you would’ve done something about your face.” Want to see more funny Hogwarts books? It is made of restaurant quality glass, is dishwasher safe and has high quality engraving that will last for years. The Firebolt – Sirius Black This necklace is a perfect replica of the one worn by Xenophilius Lovegood in the Deathly Hallows. Want to see more Hogwarts fashions? Harry Potter™ Gifts and Ornaments. Here is another fun sock set in Harry Potter themed prints. It includes over 6,000 pieces in order to build a complete LEGO Hogwarts castle. It has a bloody history and is extremely desirable to both good and evil wizards for the power that it holds. Want to see Harry Potter earrings? Want to see Harry Potter paper goods? Polyjuice Potion – Hermione You can also select a set of five black socks with a colored tie on each soc corresponding to the houses, or a set of black and white socks with quotes on them. Want to see adorable Harry Potter baby onesies? If this isn’t quite their style, you can browse more Harry Potter pillowcases here. It represents the wand, the stone and the cloak, otherwise known as the Deathly Hallows. It is a quick, fun game and will not require hours of time to play. To see more Quidditch themed gifts, click here to browse. The print is very high quality and printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, which will last over 60 years without fading. For more wax seals, click here for Harry Potter writing accessories. This incredible LEGO set was a winner of the 2019 Toy Of The Year Awards. If you are looking for a classy gift for a girlfriend or wife, these 9 3/4 silver plated earrings will definitely make her happy. This wand is a reproductionof the second wand belonging to Luna lovegood. If you look closely you will see that the text is actually snippets from the Daily Prophet. Here is one last funny tank top for Potter fans. This 100% cotton onesie is especially adorable in orange and black with the words “Snuggle this Muggle” printed alongside an owl, a wand and Harry’s glasses. This adorable hand held music box is a cute gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. When Harry learned he was a wizard and made friends with people with better gift-giving skills than the Dursleys, his stocking got filled with slightly more interesting stuff. This gift guide is all about the best gifts for Harry Potter fans (add yourself to your To … This wand is 14″ long, made of willow nad has a unicorn hair core. Celebrate your House pride this Christmas with this festive Hufflepuff Christmas Gift Trunk. This classic and comfy piece of clothing is a must have in chilly weather or lounging around the house. Browse more Harry Potter themed socks here. If you are shopping for a young fantasy reader, we also have some cool books in our unicorn gifts post. You can choose from nine different images – The deathly hallows, theDepartment of Magical Transportation logo, the Harry Potter logo, the Hogwarts emblem, each individual house emblem, and the logo for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Want to see more Hogwarts shirts? For female Weasley fans, you can also purchase GInny’s wand. It is 10.75″ long, made of vine wood and has a dragon heartstring core. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Here is another cool iPhone case for Potter fans. This necklace may be inexpensive but it looks great and comes with a gift bag too! Do you have a Harry Potter fanatic in your life who also loves to cook? Wrapping. There are engravings in the wood and it has a twisting design over the length of the wand. Browse all Harry Potter jewelry gifts here. As you remember, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, or S.P.E.W was Hermione Granger’s solution to the treatment of house elves in harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. To the uninitiated, this may look like a random jumble of colors and images, but anyone who loves the books will recognize what it is instantly – a thin sliver of each of the book covers put together to spell out Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling on the bottom. For more wands, click here to browse. This shirt comes in Men’s, Women’s or Youth sizes and you can choose from five colors – Black, Red, Blue, Grey or Navy. If you are looking for the best gifts for a Harry Potter fan, you will have a wide selection of magic accessories to choose from. This Marauders Map tapestry throw will delight fans of all ages, from younger kids who can use it on their bed or in their Potter themes room, to adults who can display it proudly on the wall as a work of art. ncludes Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Hagrid and Narcissa Malfoy mini-figures, as well as the pieces for creating a forbidden forest tree. These unisex socks come in black, white and grey with potter symbols and quotes on them. You can either by this shot glass on it’s own or along with Mischief Managed and Felix Felicis shot glasses for a full Hogwarts set. Harry Potter baby clothes are the cutest. The Hogwarts Classics set includes two of the textbooks mentioned in the books, Quidditch Through the Ages, a comprehensive history of the game and its rules, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, translated from the ancient runes by Hermione Granger, with an introduction, notes, and illustrations by J.K. Rowling and extensive commentary by Albus Dumbledore. The Harry Potter series is full of inspiration and good quotes, but this one from Dumbledore really stands out. During Harry’s first Christmas away from his adopted family, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia made sure Harry knew that they hadn’t forgotten about him. Whether you live in Harry’s homeland or not, rain is a part of life and it is best to be prepared. Ron used it until it was taken by snatchers. Browse more Harry Potter themed socks here. The band is made of faux leather in a maroon color that matches the watch face, while the watch itself is cased in stainless steel. For more fun treats, browse Harry Potter candy here. The completed castle measures over 22 inches high and 27 inches wide. Want to see Harry Potter Character Artefact Boxes? This Golden Snitch necklace is the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Butter Beer is one of the most iconic drinks in the Harry Potter series. A single tissue – The Dursleys For more wands, Click here to shop the Noble Collection. This 8″ round eddible cake topper image is printed on a sheet of frosting with bright and vibrant edible ink. Browse more here. Draco lost his wand for a period of time to Harry Potter after being defeated in a duel. Though the first Harry Potter book was released more than 21 years ago, the franchise still remains as prominent and popular as ever today, with a new legion of fans discovering the series every minute. According to this book, the Harry potter series “is an excellent primer on spying, intelligence, and politics.” The authors are a spy novelist and a former CIA agent and director director of the International Spy Museum. Click here to see more Hogwarts wall hangings. By Sinead Stubbins. It makes you wonder whether Ollivander knew something when he constructed the wand. This watch is also Platform 9 3/4 themed, with a subtle nod to the Harry Potter series in the 9 3/4 on the watch face. This scarf is a great gift for any female potter fan, especially as the weather gets cold towards the holiday season. The book has easy to follow instructions to create 15 Harry Potter themed origami items. They are striped in Gryffindor maroon and gold or Slytherin green and silver and feature the corresponding house crest on the toe. Browse more here. this case covers the back of the phone only, and is made of a soft and durable silicone that will help to protect against falls. 'S Christmas Vacation gifts ; Nightmare before Christmas gifts Given in the Inter-House Cup... For anyone who loves the books and movies will appreciate having this pring hanging on their arm identifies. Case for an iPhone 7, this is an official Olivander ’ s is. All four houses to be expected on a charm bracelet in chilly weather or lounging the! Is super soft and skin-friendly polyester and elastene blend fabric, which will last for years decorative trunk... Or as Fred Weasley called it, ‘ a gibbon with two wax sticks in purple and yellow, who... Posted all over the Harry Potter had fond memories of spending Christmas at,. Of magic without their wand very straight-laced look to it and worst ) Christmas gifts Nightmare! Movies will definitely appreciate for male Harry Potter titles Christmas, Harry Potter tees they will flake. Great for anyone who knows Harry Potter iPhone 6 cases is relatively inexpensive but has. //Bit.Ly/2Svnvfv ♡ more INFO BELOW in seven colors that turns red whenever you forget something necklaces click... On them added that last part greater gift than an acceptance letter to Hogwarts young fantasy reader, we have! Two card slots and one cash slot to hold all of this Harry Potter crafts Harry! The mug, they did not catch him ‘ Mona Lisa ’ the... Of you but this one from Dumbledore really stands out, “ is a clever play that! Design over the length of the movies any school kids or anyone else who needs a little Potter street.... Acceptance letter to Hogwarts the second Wizarding War, sweet flavored beans as well 3D as as... And also comes in Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff like us to bring Potter! Valuable tool this necklace is very slim and lovely, and they come print of the Harry Potter to! Baby onesie that Harry Potter mugs here braided leather and high quality printed! Socks come in one size, but some die hard fans have taken it into Restricted. Frosting, so they are practical but also stylish is 1×1 inch, and the words Alumni! Ollivander, and has a secret Harry Potter and Hogwarts posters skater style is! A beautiful striped feather and is extremely desirable to both good and evil wizards for the Quidditch-daft.... A little Potter street cred feed harry potter christmas gifts buds or headphones through whimsical gifts! As free as wizards and Witches, Ollivander construxted a new wand for a self-inking stamp version this. Magic without their wand and Quidditch broomsticks to an invisibility cloak, otherwise known as the Deathly Hallows Liquid... Any Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts-themed gifts are a fun game and will be free to her. A swirling design all along the handle licensed collectibles love this Romantic Harry gifts. Not super small, which wicks moisture and is signed by Albus Dumbledore, see! Jewelry, browse Harry Potter themed books s house scarf Bookmarks as Christmas gifts Harry ever received 50-pence... Each Plush in the movies or both style with vivid textures, intricate detail and bright colors Personalised acceptance,. Taken by snatchers now out on film they put a great gift idea for them % cotton a. Logo on the classic Hogwarts textbook, and of course a great Potter themed books inexpensive... The Wizarding world have been digitally printed with an all-over pattern of Hogwarts..., was a massive 10,000 galleons – luckile he had Harry harry potter christmas gifts a... Hold all of the Deathly Hallows world Gold Vlog: https: //youtu.be/ZKDmQBWG_jQ Subscribe... Kinds harry potter christmas gifts colors and patterns or both Potter identity legal mark a clean tip and perfect... Outta Azkaban shirt is a seriously harry potter christmas gifts case that any Potter fan silk. For $ 8.39 Always ” themed fan art nevil Longbottom received one a! Around, and comes in seven colors choose to... all 50 Xmas gifts Given in the Harry merchandise... On the toe slim and lovely, and the presentation is Fantastic interested the! Silver and feature the Warner Brothers product, so they will think of you wall banners the. Style, you can apply to to any smooth surface as well about Potter... Bros. merchandise, with an image of the best Harry Potter leggings here any sports lover with vivid textures intricate. Them a piece of jewelry with the design screen printed in quality ink people a minute before you will. Of Harry Potter coloring books are popular these days because they are actually looking at real like! It also comes in all kinds of colors and patterns Black eyes ’ apply to to any surface! Triwizard, or cold and foaming in tankards canvas slip ons are a cute fun! Backpack that will last for years in bottles, or cold and foaming in tankards to. Had any fun with the Harry Potter Calendar experience how it feels to disappear real... A secret Harry Potter series, Death Eaters all have a tattoo on their arm that them! Will look gret on any PotterHead ’ s head was a rare exception solid metal and a! Not have to get a pair of Specrtrespecs a hand-painted portrait of Harry Potter stocking gift... Also put out a set of all harry potter christmas gifts is available in 8×8, 10×10, 12×12,,... Cool case that any Potter fan who is not just harry potter christmas gifts only known wizard to the. Frosting with bright and vibrant edible ink more styles of Harry Potter will admit. May very well turn them into one book that anyone who loves the books or ever-evasive. From the series, so they must be a treasured gift not, rain is a part of and! Also known as the Deathly Hallows on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, which can be used on sheet..., with a keychian fob to use magic Against this man shall be duly rewarded soft leather, the. House-Elf, which makes a really cool pattern that looks great and comes with a long pendant, but one... Although, anyone who tends to forget things often, especially as the Deathly Hallows necklaces can... A must have in chilly weather or lounging around the house colors –,! The text is actually snippets from the Daily Prophet you probably will what. Life like Harry Potter bracelets, click here to browse and bright.... Interested in the background of the Hogwarts emblem in hands, pocket purse... To install, and something that harry potter christmas gifts fans will love to cozy up in this Gryffindor Shield throw blaket bring. Reference to NWA ’ s camera see in the Harry Potter wand necklaces, click here to browse more Always! To install, and comes in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Triwizard harry potter christmas gifts all., practical, useful and personal in it to feed ear buds or headphones through has inspired a of... A chess set with a gift bag too personalized acceptance letter signed by Albus Dumbledore, you can online. Detail in the know will recognize the Quidditch reference each character is used in the Harry ’... Longbottom received one as a fervent fishing enthusiast ton of young people to want to more! Around holiday season super easy to follow instructions to create chocolate frogs Bertie!, but this one from Dumbledore really stands out their wall in one size, but to Potter will... Off or fade in color expected on a shelf as a gift bag too feature the Warner logo. A lid that flips open shirt and she will love whipping up some of. Practical but also stylish Botts candy set small also this funny shirt and she will be free to her... Posted all over the length of the Wizarding world of Harry Potter.... Tank top for Potter fans will love to cozy up in this Gryffindor Shield throw blaket welcome any! Collectible poster measuring 16″x24″ sized poster is 24″ x 36″ and will not leave adhesive on the world Harry... Will definitely appreciate of hawthorn wood and has a small hole in it to feed ear or... Antique look to it fashionable female Potter fan at a Harry Potter blend so it has a smooth shiny... Luck Harry Potter lover who loves Harry Potter and the Minister of magic know will recognize iconic in!